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The Doober Story

Endless Opportunities – the Doober Story

The Doober story is one like no other. The idea came about after an unemployment survey carried out by our founders – experienced construction industry players – left them astonished at the growing number of semi-skilled tradesmen without work. The stats indicated that a staggering number of lower-skilled construction workers had been hit hard by the unemployment crisis, many of them desperate to make ends meet, while the industry was kinder to higher skilled contractors. Although considered semi-skilled, most of these guys have years of experience and are more than capable to complete small to medium renovation projects.

All this in mind, we pondered the possibility of a solution that would benefit both these workers as well as property owners. With the motivation to create opportunities for the everyday builder who typically stands on the side of the road with his placard, begging for a chance to do work and feed his family; Doober was conceived. The rapid growth of technology and rising smartphone penetration in South Africa was also on our side – making for fertile ground to create an app that allows property owners to access the services of painters, plastererstilersbricklayerscarpenterspavers, and gardeners.

Backed by in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and a passion for service delivery in the volatile South African climate, we put in place methods to safety-proof Doober as much as we could. Firstly, Doober workmen are screened and criminal record free, their references are verified, and they are trained and presented with opportunities to upgrade their skills as far as possible. The app also allows you to view your workman’s location on the day of the job, so that you are aware of how far he is prior to his arrival. We’ve also included a built in “Help” button, that allows you to get in touch with us when you need to.

We wanted to bring you an app that guarantees convenience and peace of mind; so, we factored in a materials estimate feature, and a function that allows you to calculate the size of your renovation project in squared meters. There’s more – we’ve made the payment process a secure, cashless one, with rates that are standardized, doing away with costly call-out fees. The future is looking bright, and we’re ready to make YOU a part of the Doober story!

Interested? Check out the Doober app today – it’s available for download on Android and iOS. Questions? You’re welcome to contact us at

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