Doober Charity Drive Series (Part One)

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Doober Charity Drive Series (Part One)

A History that Hits Home

Above all else, we at Doober value community, and making a difference beyond the services provided by the app. This is why we decided to launch our charity initiative – to build the communities that help build our brand. As part of this initiative, Doober is donating renovations to the Johannesburg Children’s Home in Obsevetory, Johannesburg. We visited several organizations before we found the Johannesburg Children’s Home; which caters for children who have been severely neglected or abandoned by their families.

The Home was founded in 1892 and has since opened its doors to hundreds of previously abused or deserted children of all ages. Undoubtedly, we were moved by the rich history of the Johannesburg Children’s Home and the ongoing efforts of its staff to foster a culture of love and self-improvement among the children. Upon being contacted by Doober, Margaret Michaels and Fiona Duke, who are part of the Home’s management team, expressed the urgent need for repainting of the children’s cottages after several years of having not been renovated. Doober offered a donation of R25 000 towards painting the cottages as well as the labour needed to get this done.

In addition to assisting the Johannesburg Children’s Home, this initiative also afforded our Doober approved workmen to do work and earn money for themselves. Because our workmen are fully screened and vetted, the Home’s management were quite happy to let them work as they were assured of their safety and that of the children. “They [the children] are so excited to have their cottage painted,” said Duke, “every little effort makes them aware that they have people who want to take care of them and for neglected children, this makes a huge difference.”

Doober is immensely grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the children’s lives and will definitely be sharing the final results of this painting job with the public on all our platforms. If you would also like to assist the Children’s Home by donating money or time, you can reach them on their  website or through Doober.

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