Sowing seeds that sprout – Doober assists Forest Town School

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Sowing seeds that sprout – Doober assists Forest Town School

The Forest Town School for children with special needs provides education and skills training to hundreds of children with physical and learning disabilities. Established in 1948, the school opens numerous opportunities for its pupils, personifying its slogan: We believe everyone can fly.


We first heard about Forest Town from one of the organizers of the other charity organizations we were assisting. Our initial visit to the school began with a warm welcome from the school’s fundraiser, Ingrid Vey and we were shown around the school as Ingrid told of its long history of teaching and empowering children with special needs. We were told about the school’s gardening project, which is integrated into the occupational therapy program, but was hampered by a shortage of gardening materials and tools. Doober then donated gardening materials such as seeds, compost, spades and rakes, as well as other resources needed to help the children with their gardening classes.


Some places in the school, such as the hall and corridors were in dire need of paintwork and we were happy to donate the materials and labour to get this done. In addition to gardening, Forest Town offers numerous other types of skills training, such hairdressing and beauty, consumer studies, ecological art and recycling, as well as baking and hospitality; all of which equip the learners with the knowledge and abilities to help make them contributing members of society. Helping the school was a remarkable learning experience for the Doober team, including the workmen who oversaw the paintwork, who were extremely moved by the school’s abundant history and its contribution to the disabled community.

We were glad to be a part of this and look forward to fostering a meaningful relationship with Forest Town School from hereon. You can also lend to the school a hand by visiting their website.

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