Sowing seeds that sprout – Doober assists Forest Town School

The Forest Town School for children with special needs provides education and skills training to hundreds of children with physical and learning disabilities. Established in 1948, the school opens numerous opportunities for its pupils, personifying its slogan: We believe everyone can fly.   We first heard about Forest Town from one of the organizers of [...]

Wings of Change – Doober and Wings of Inspiration Dorah’s Ark

It is often said that a life well lived is one spent uplifting others. This is demonstrated in the joyous attitudes of the staff at the Wings of Inspiration Dorah’s Ark Orphanage. Situated in Roodepoort, the orphanage is home to over forty orphaned and abandoned children of all ages and is greatly concerned with the [...]

Doober Charity Drive Series (Part One)

A History that Hits Home Above all else, we at Doober value community, and making a difference beyond the services provided by the app. This is why we decided to launch our charity initiative - to build the communities that help build our brand. As part of this initiative, Doober is donating renovations to the Johannesburg [...]

The Doober Story

Endless Opportunities - the Doober Story The Doober story is one like no other. The idea came about after an unemployment survey carried out by our founders – experienced construction industry players – left them astonished at the growing number of semi-skilled tradesmen without work. The stats indicated that a staggering number of lower-skilled construction [...]